Russ Griffith, from Habitat International, reports the following about mold:

Last week I spent a great deal of time working with Annabelle Dillard, Environmental Group Manager of the Texas department of health and Safety, getting answers on who can sign off on the CMDR mold remediation document. The normal process use to be, Have a Mold consultant (assessor, Texas licensed) inspect the structure and if mold was found a, licensed Texas remediater would remove the mold, sign the top portion of the CMDR return the form to the consultant for their signature stating that after the remediater did it’s work, the mold was successfully removed, The assessor ( consultant) would then sign the bottom portion of the  CMDR and all would go on their merry way. All that is no longer necessary.

Under the Governor’s temporary waiver for Hurricane affected counties, if we know there is mold, and we should know, than a non-licensed out of State remediater  that is registered with the State can come in get rid of the mold have the consultant sign the form and your good to go. If you use a Texas licensed remediater then it can sign the top line of the CMDR, the consultant is not necessary. This is only a temporary waiver and many of the mediators are just as confused as we are. If you run into one have them contact Annabelle Dillard of the State Health and Safety Department at 512-834-6608.

If you have any questions that I can assist you with please call me.



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