Habitat Texas Family Highlight- March 2018

This month we are proud to highlight David Driscoll, President of the Board of Habitat for Humanity El Paso.

David Driscoll first became involved with Habitat for Humanity El Paso in 2002. David does woodworking as a hobby and wanted to use his skills to help build a house. He had been trying to get in touch with Habitat El Paso, when he saw an ad in the newspaper stating Habitat was in need in volunteers. Before the day was over, David was on the job site and eventually was serving on the Board of Directors, later becoming the chairman. As the chairman of the Board, he came to realize that Habitat El Paso was in need of a full time Executive Director. Through obtaining a capacity building grant from Habitat for Humanity International, David was able to hire the first Executive Director for Habitat El Paso!

For many years, while David was initially on the Habitat El Paso Board, he and his wife had the pleasure of hosting   a southwestern dinner for college student groups who travelled from around the United States to work on Habitat houses. This  made David feel optimistic for the future generations coming up who not only financed their own travel, but also made a contribution to Habitat for the build. Most importantly, they had given up their spring break to help build a house for a low income family.

In 2016, Geronimo Garcia, who at the time, was the Executive Director of Habitat El Paso, asked David if he would be willing to serve on the Board again. David served on the Board for a year before becoming Chairman of the Board again! At this time, David was retired and the affiliate was in a challenging state, so he volunteered to become both Executive Director and Chairman of the Board.

David’s favorite part of being Executive Director is meeting with people in the community and spreading the word about our mission. He enjoys being involved in the family selection process where he meets face-to-face with prospective Habitat homeowners. He is fortunate to have a really strong Board of Directors, all of whom want to enhance the impact of Habitat El Paso, as well as a very organized Administrative Assistant.

David Driscoll has been blessed to have a good job as an attorney for the past 40 years and the generous spirit to give back to the community, particularly the people who did not have sustainable income and were struggling to get by. In addition to his service to Habitat El Paso, he also serves on the executive committee of Emergence Health Network (EHN) and on the finance committee of Centro San Vicente. Emergence Health Network (EHN), which is the mental health provider for El Paso County provides assistance to people with mental health problems and who have intellectual disabilities.  David, himself, has a granddaughter with intellectual disabilities making the services EHN provides personal for his family. Centro San Vicente provides medical and dental services to the homeless and low-income families. David became involved with their Board after he represented Centro San Vicente in a legal matter and was impressed with the dedication of their CEO/head doctor who could be making substantially more in private practice. David is involved with his church and serves as a member of the St. Vincent De Paul Society, and teaches confirmation classes. St. Vincent De Paul Society helps out low income people who are having problems paying for their rent or utilities. He is also involved in Rotary and spent 26 years on the Youth Exchange Committee selecting inbound and outbound students for their International program.

Fun Facts! David still does woodworking in his free time! Over the past three years he has made approximately 30 dressers for a nonprofit group! On an annual basis, David,his wife and their friends spend up to two weeks travelling in and out of the United States. While serving on the Rotary youth exchange committee, David and his wife were able to travel to the Scandinavian countries and meet the students that had been a part of the exchange in their home countries. Through his dedication and hard work, David Driscoll has become true Habitat for Humanity legend.