Talking Points

COM Executive Task Force Meeting 8.13.19
Please feel free to share these (verbally or written) with any/all stakeholder groups and/or individuals interested in the work of the Executive Task Force

  1. Four new Executive Task Force members were welcomed for FY2020. Ed Lee from Habitat for Humanity Greater Cincinnati, Tina Swain from Habitat for Humanity of Hillsborough County, FL, Cynthia Staley from Golden Crescent Habitat for Humanity and Mary Robinson from HFH New York State will be joining the Task Force. A full list of the Executive Task Force members can be found on MyHabitat.  
  1. FY20 charters for the Executive Task Force work groups (Trust and Communications, Resource Development, Support Model, and Habitat 2.0) were shared with the task force. The Trust and Communications work group will meet quarterly to provide input on COM communication and trust strategies. The Resource Development work group’s primary focus will be to identify potential changes and updates to the direct marketing pilot program based on the data and learnings that come in over the course of FY20. The Support Model work group will focus on reviewing data from the quarterly COM US Support Model Survey and informing the development and roll out of the support model priority areas. The Habitat 2.0 work group’s primary focus will be to lead the development of a proposed Habitat 2.0 model. 
  1. The Resource Development work group provided an update on the collaborative direct marketing pilots. The pilots launched in July with direct mail and digital marketing activities currently happening in the 16 pilot affiliate markets. The launch would not have been possible without the hard work and enormous efforts of the participating affiliates. Coding the donor data has been extremely complex, and the first schedule of emails were paused until the data issues were worked out. The issues have been resolved and the digital portion of the pilots have resumed. To gather input on how the pilots are going and make future adjustments, “stop and assess” sessions have been planned in October and February to discuss what those changes may need to be. There will also be monthly pulse checks set up with the participating pilot affiliates to gather more frequent feedback on the pilots. 
  1. The Executive Task Force provided input on the August COM advisory group content regarding Habitat 2.0. The task force also further discussed potential approaches to Habitat 2.0.
  1. COM advisory groups will hold their first meetings this month and will be gather feedback on Habitat 2.0. 130 affiliate and SSO leaders are participating in advisory groups this year. More information on advisory group members can be found on MyHabitat
  1. The Executive Task force will be gathering in Atlanta for an in-person meeting on November 21-22.