Habitat International is conducting a nationwide survey on what affiliate leaders think of state offices, programs offered at the state level, and the value state offices, like Habitat Texas, brings to you.

They want to make sure we are responsive to your needs and that we are getting your opinions on what we should provide to you. Part of the work will shape how and if state offices will have resources and sustainability to continue serving and where those resources will come from.

The survey will go out to the entire network (whether or not they have a state office), so I am hoping that affiliates with the most knowledge of state offices – like Texas affiliates – will offer feedback. We strive to understand your needs; therefore, we send surveys, conduct listening sessions and focus groups, and get feedback from our board members who serve as affiliate executive directors on what kinds of services we offer. Additionally, Habitat Texas must comply with our own version of the Quality Assurance Checklist and financial reporting to Habitat International.

We understand that you have a choice about becoming a member of Habitat Texas and we must earn your trust and support. This survey will inform Habitat International if YOU value us and how we fit into “One Habitat.”

To learn more about the survey, visit the survey State Office Survey page; Or follow this link to the survey. You will need your Partner ID to take the survey. We can find that for you in our office (info@habitattexas.org) or you can reach out to the Affiliate Support Center at 877-434-4435 or can be emailed at ussupportcenter@habitat.org

The survey will be open through Oct 12th.