Talking Points

COM Executive Task Force Meeting 10.8.19
Please feel free to share these (verbally or written) with any/all stakeholder groups and/or individuals interested in the work of the Executive Task Force

  1. The resource development work group provided an update on the COM direct marking pilots. At the end of October, a pause and assess meeting will be held with the 16 pilot affiliates. During the meeting, results from the first three months of the pilots will be discussed as well as learnings. The pilot affiliates will also discuss areas that need adjustments and possible improvements that need to be made to the tactics and design of the pilots. Results and learnings from the first quarter will be shared with the network in November. 
  2. The Executive Task Force reviewed and shared input on a presentation on HFHI’s finances. This presentation will be used to make a video to inform the network on HFHI’s finances.  
  3. Kristen Sand, director of the Resource Development Expertise Hub, and Shelly Halloran, director of the Operations and Management Expertise Hub, provided an overview of the products and services that are being provided. Expertise hubs aggregate and organize information, high-quality resources and expertise, keeping affiliates’ needs at the center and supporting on-the-ground impact. The Resource Development Expertise Hub and Management and Operations Expertise Hub pages are now live on MyHabitat.  
  4. Initial results from the support model quarterly benchmark survey were shared with the Executive Task Force. The results will be shared with the affiliate network by the end of October.  

In October, COM advisory groups will be providing feedback on the state support organization (SSO) strategy work, one of the U.S. Support Model priority areas. Individuals were also reminded to complete the survey to provide input on the SSO strategy.