Two New Board Members Appointed to Help Habitat for Humanity Texas’ Humanitarian Work

Habitat for Humanity Texas (Habitat Texas) announced today the appointment of two distinguished new members to its board of directors: Vicki Johnson, executive director of Habitat for Humanity Montgomery County, Texas and Peter Witt, professor emeritus at Texas A&M University. Together, they bring a wealth of valuable knowledge and diverse business leadership experience to the nonprofit organization.

LaJuan Hollis-Gordon, current Habitat Texas board president also passed the torch to Miha Vindis as incoming Habitat Board President. Beginning in July, Dr. Vindis, who is the founding partner at Engage Leadership Consulting and teaches leadership and management strategy at the University of Texas at Austin, will begin leadership of Habitat Texas’ board of directors to help guide the organization into its next phase of strategic growth.

“Safe, affordable housing plays a critical role in healthy family life. A decent place to live is essential to all of us, yet this basic need is unmet for many of our fellow Texans. Habitat for Humanity plays a vital role in this space and has helped build thousands of homes in Texas alone,” stated Miha Vindis, board president.

“Our local affiliates, volunteers, donors, and supporters have done fantastic work, and I hope to do everything I can to support their efforts,” Dr. Vindis continued. “I am honored to be on the board and humbled to take on the rotating presidency.”


Vicki Johnson, Affiliate Board Member

Peter Witt, Community Board Member

Miha Vindis, Board President

Amy Ledbetter Parham, executive director of Habitat for Humanity Texas, echoed the importance of a stable home in communities across Texas, as study after study show the benefits for the entire community when people own their own home that is safe and affordable. The board of directors helps set the strategic direction of the entire organization.

“With one in seven of Texas households spending more than half their income on housing, we must advance policies that address the shortage of affordable homes. Today, we have a shortfall of more than 600,000 affordable homes for the lowest income earners in the state,” said Parham.

“The Board of Directors at Habitat for Humanity Texas plays a key part in supporting Habitat offices locally and raising awareness on a statewide level that no one should pay more than half their income for a decent place to live,” Parham continued.

Vicki Johnson currently serves as executive director of Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery County, Texas where, since 2018, she has helped families and communities through new construction and home rehabilitation programs. Johnson has more than 25 years of experience in the not-for-profit industry, including several years working for a national child advocacy organization and as a liaison for a U.S. Congressman.

Peter Witt is professor emeritus at Texas A&M University, where he held the Bradberry Recreation and Youth Development Chair. He also held numerous administrative positions in his career, including serving as Department Head at Texas A&M and Associate Vice President for Research and Graduate Dean at the University of North Texas. Peter and his wife Joyce Nies have a long history of service to nonprofit communities and have served in leadership roles on multiple boards of directors.

“The economic impacts from the coronavirus pandemic are exacerbating existing housing affordability and stability challenges for millions of families struggling to make ends meet. Systemic barriers to home affordability, based on racial discrimination, helped create the housing inequality we see today and continue to perpetuate racial inequity across the housing continuum,” shared Parham. “Our board of directors has taken on the challenge of addressing these issues head on.”

Habitat Texas’ board of directors can serve up to three two-year terms and are responsible for providing governance and oversight, while furthering the organization’s mission. Other newly elected officers include Phillip Schmandt, VP of Governance; Shahreen Abedin, Secretary; David McGuire, VP-Finance and Audit; Craig Chick, VP Strategy & Alliance; and Andy York, VP Affiliate Affairs.