Habitat for Humanity Abilene

Executive Director

Reports to: Executive Board and Board of Directors

Description: This position is responsible, and accountable, for the effective and efficient Christ-centered financial, operational, and administrative management of Habitat for Humanity, Abilene, Inc. (HFHA). The Executive Director provides overall leadership for HFHA in accordance with the policies, objectives, and directions of the Board of Directors to promote its overall vision, directions, health, and growth. Reports to the Chair of the Board of Directors.

Employee Status: Exempt, a minimum of 40 hours per week

1. General Administration and Responsibilities
• Principal organization leader who plans, develops, and establishes policy and objectives of the organization in accordance with Board directives and organizational mission.
• Recommends all appropriate Board action and implements Board policies needed to insure that HFHA operates as a progressive Christian non-profit organization.
• Responsible for the financial, operational, and administrative performance.
• Establishes responsibilities and procedures for attaining objectives; revising plan and budget as appropriate in accordance with current conditions.
• Directs and coordinates formulation of financial programs to provide funding for new or continuing operations, including oversight of all fundraising efforts.
• Insures positive communications and relations with constituents and staff.
• Speaks in public on behalf of HFHA, comfortable speaking in Christian, civic, and corporate settings.
• Reviews staff activities and financial statements to determine progress and status in attaining objectives.
• Recommends yearly budget for Board approval and prudently manages the affiliate’s resources within those budget guidelines according to current laws and guidelines.
• Researches and serves as the principal liaison to foundations, corporations, and churches.
• Develops resources, researches funding sources, and writes proposals to a variety of organizations.
• Administers and manages daily office operations.
• Supports the activities of all Board committees.
• Approves all operational and building expenditures.
• Supports annual Board retreat for evaluation, goal setting, and strategic planning.
• With Board Chair, sets agenda for Executive Board meetings and Board meetings, and provides reports of all activities to the Board.
• Works closely with the Director of Finance to administer fiscal control, accountability, budget reporting; and approves all operational and building expenditures.
• Works closely with the Construction Manager to supervise site construction and house rehabs, and to insure appropriate training and safety for all volunteers.
• Works closely with the Manager of the ReStore to oversee all store activities, including staffing, marketing, procurement of donated items, and financial activities.

• Works closely with the Special Events/PR Coordinator to build positive visibility of the affiliate, and generate funds for its operation.
• Works closely with the Family Services & Volunteer Coordinator for the effective recruitment, processing, selection, and support of partner families, as well as the effective recruitment, retention, and recognition of volunteers. Maintenance of all databases.
• Works closely with the Church Relations Coordinator to develop and implement strategies for increasing communication, volunteer activity, and financial support from local church congregations and other faith-
based groups.

2. Skills, Knowledge and Abilities
• Has an understanding of and commitment to the mission of HFHA.
• Demonstrated leadership abilities and strong organizational skills.
• Ability to establish, foster and maintain effective working relationships with the Board of Directors, staff, volunteers, the public, local City government, and community service agencies.
• Effective verbal, interpersonal and written communication skills.
• Ability to create a long-term vision and provide leadership.
• Ability to synthesize complex and/or diverse information.
• Knowledge of mortgage procedures.
• Knowledge of fundraising principles and processes and the ability to develop working relationships with potential funding sources.
• Ability to identify and resolve problems in a timely manner, gather and analyze information skillfully, and effectively lead by displaying sound and accurate judgment.
• Ability to communicate HFHA’s program and mission clearly and persuasively in a variety of settings and to a variety of constituencies.
• Knowledge of the house construction process, safety procedures, and the use of equipment and materials.
• Team building a real plus.
• Should have a Christ-centered approach to leadership.
• Must be a good listener and be able to engage in well-considered discussions.
• Must have good anticipatory abilities and personally act on same as need arises.
• Must be willing to understand the big picture of the HFHA ministry and know that the role of the Executive Director is only a part of the larger goal.
• Must pass Criminal Background Check and Sexual Offender Check.

Training and Experience. Either a Bachelor’s degree in public relations, business, marketing, nonprofit administration, or related field or equivalent work experience. Five years paid experience working in a nonprofit organization.

Hours and Compensation. 40-hour per week salaried position that also requires additional evening and weekend work. Benefits include paid vacation and holidays, sick leave, health insurance and a voluntary retirement savings plan.

Salary. Commensurate with experience and education.

HFHA is an equal opportunity employer.

Interested applicants should email their resume to:  Steve Scott, HFHA Board of Directors, sjscott729@gmail.com