Habitat Texas and Advocacy

Get the word out on these facts using social media. Tag your legislators and #txlege.

Quick Facts based on TDHCA’s 2017 Annual Report.

  • 190,018 children experienced homelessness in 2013
  • Veterans homelessness rates are going down
  • 26,092,033 individuals in Texas live below 125% of the poverty line
  • 2,549,773 Texans are between 30-80% of area median income, the targeted population of working Texans Habitat serves.
  • 1,464,665 of targeted populations has a housing need, defined as overcrowded, poor conditions, or cost-burdened.
  • 41,233 of Texans in Habitat’s income bracket lack kitchens and/or plumbing
  • 1,233,026 of Texans in Habitat’s targeted income range are cost-burdened with housing, aka more than 30% of income to housing.
  • Stress at one level of housing continuum creates stress downstream: Because higher income households often reside in units that could be affordable to the lowest income households, there are fewer units available at a cost that is affordable to lower income households.

Resources for Habitat Texas Members

We have developed many resources for affiliates to engage with elected officials and we are expanding those resources in 2018 and beyond. The most important resource, however, is YOU. Consider these action items:

  • Talk to volunteers on job sites about housing need in your community
  • Attend forums and town hall meetings to ask about housing
  • Use social media to engage lawmakers. Tag @habitattexas and #txlege for state level
  • Schedule meetings with your local, state and federal law makers, offering to serve as a resource for housing
  • Follow up meetings with invitations to tour and attend your events
  • Come to Austin for Day at the Dome and other legislative events

Remember, always be nonpartisan and do not endorse candidates. Follow the law!