Hundreds of volunteers gather annually at the Texas State Capitol Building to build hope, awareness, and the four walls of a Habitat Home.

In Texas, we are seeing more and more the stress that a lack of affordable housing can have on our communities—the rise of substandard housing, displaced families, increased poverty and crime rates, and poorer overall family health. Habitat for Humanity Texas’ project to research, educate, and build quality affordable homes for families with low incomes seeking homeownership begins with Capitol Build. This noteworthy event highlights the work being done by thousands of volunteers every year as well as the importance of housing policy at the state level. Together, we can make a difference in how our communities work toward affordable housing solutions for us all.

Capitol Build Through the Years

The first Capitol Build, hosted in January of 2019, drew over 40 volunteers who came together and built 38 wall segments inside the Texas State Capitol.

In March 2019, those walls were signed, sealed, and delivered to Alice Silvas. Silvas lost her home of 18 years when Hurricane Harvey hit in 2017 and like all Habitat homeowners, Alice Silvas was able to participate in the construction of her new home. “I mean, I’m talking but all I want to do is cry right now because I’m seeing it coming to life,” said Silvas.

In 2021, The Capitol Build project continued. Over 125 volunteers built a new home for the Spruell Family. “I don’t know about [my sisters], but what I see is amazing…and wonderful…I didn’t know… this many people would be working for us,” Destiny, said 10-year-old grandchild of Vanessa and George Spruell, a disabled marine war vet.

Do You Want to Build With Habitat for Humanity Texas?

The next Capitol Build is scheduled for 2025 with a TBD date and time. Stay up to date with sign-up information and other advocacy-related news by signing up for our monthly advocacy alerts. We can’t wait to build homes and hope with you.