Seeking Executive Director

The Executive Director provides overall executive leadership of the affiliate in accordance with the direction, policies, priorities and objectives set by the affiliate board. While the board is accountable for all aspects of the organization, including house construction, family partnerships, fund raising and public relations, the Executive Director is responsible for coordinating the activities in these areas as directed by the board.


The Executive Director is responsible for execution of board policy, management of daily operations and to support the board and its sub-committees that oversee various functions of the organization.

-Holds chief administrative responsibility for accountability of the affiliate and provide monthly reporting to the board
-Works with and stays informed of the activities of the committees and serve as a communications link between committees
-Recommends all appropriate Board action needed to insure that Habitat operates as a progressive Christian
–Maintains relationships vital to the organization within the community related to city officials, donors,
advocates and volunteers
— Seeks out and maintains monetary grants supporting the financial needs of the organization
-Administers all day-to-day operational, financial and business affairs.
-Maintains records of the organization, including operations and policies manuals
-Acts as the Board’s representative to Habitat families and homeowner candidates
-Recommends a yearly budget for Board approval and prudently manages the organization’s resources within those budget guidelines according to current law and guidelines
-Authorizes expenditures within the budget provided by the board
-Communicates regularly with Habitat for Humanity International and Habitat Texas offices. Attend Executive Director and Habitat training events as needed.

Overseeing the Business Manager in the duties below:

-Works with external auditor to ensure a timely annual audit
-Works with the loan management company to maintain accurate records of client mortgage payments and escrow accounts
-Reports to the Mortgage Management Committee to ensure that all clients are current on mortgage payments or on an approved “developmental plan” takes direction on any action required.


-A genuine passion and energy for the work Habitat does to eliminate poverty housing and provide affordable housing to families in need and to build community.
-Ability to provide leadership for the affiliate
-Knowledge of mortgage procedures
-Ability to effectively manage human resources according to authorized personnel policies and procedures that fully conform to current laws and regulations
-Ability to identify and resolve problems in a timely manner, gather and analyze information and effectively lead the affiliate through sound and accurate judgment
-Experience in nonprofit administration
-Proficient in Microsoft Office, Outlook, MailChimp or database software, social media site posting
-Experience in working with people in business, religious, political and low-income communities
-B.A. degree or equivalent

For inquiries or questions, please reach out to Baytown Habitat for Humanity at