2022 Day at the Dome Capitol Build

“Home” begins at the State House.

Over 125 volunteers from across Texas came together to swing a hammer with Habitat for Humanity Texas at the second Day at the Dome Capitol Build and built all the walls for a home in under three hours! These walls were then signed, sealed, and delivered to Killeen where it will be finished for the Spruell family.

Building Homes and Hope

Habitat for Humanity Texas is launching a 3-year project to research, educate, and build quality affordable homes for families with low incomes seeking homeownership. As part of this project, Habitat for Humanity Texas is hosting its second Day at the Dome Capitol Build. This noteworthy event highlights the work being done by thousands of volunteers every year as well as the importance of housing policy at the state level.

In Texas, we are seeing more and more the stress that a lack of affordable housing can have on our communities—the rise of substandard housing, displaced families, increased poverty and crime rates, and poorer overall family health. Together, we can make a difference in how our communities work toward affordable housing solutions for us all.

2019 Day at the Dome

Habitat for Humanity Texas hosted a Day at the Dome in January 2019 where over 40 volunteers came together and built 38 wall segments inside the Texas State Capitol. 

In March 2019, those walls were signed, sealed, and delivered to Alice Silvas. Silvas lost her home of 18 years when Hurricane Harvey hit in 2017 and had been living in an RV ever since.

Like all Habitat homeowners, Alice Silvas was able to participate in the construction of her new home. “I mean, I’m talking but all I want to do is cry right now because I’m seeing it coming to life,” Silvas said.

“The Capitol Build was one of the most anticipated and fun events I’ve seen at the Capitol in years.”

—Beaman Floyd, lobbyist and former Habitat Texas board member