Habitat Spotlight- January 2018

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Habitat Texas January 2018 Highlight: Habitat for Humanity of the Rio Grande Valley This month, Habitat Texas is proud to highlight Habitat for Humanity of the Rio Grande Valley! Habitat for Humanity of the Rio Grande Valley serves per capita one of the poorest regions in the nation which makes its service critical and [...]

Texas Habitat Spotlight- December 2017

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This month, Habitat Texas is proud to highlight the successes of Longview Habitat for Humanity. Longview Habitat for Humanity was founded in 1985, currently serving the city of Longview. Since then, the affiliate has built 96 new or recycled homes to serve the people of Longview. From 1985-2012, Longview Habitat focused on new home [...]

Costa Rica ED Retreat

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Every year, a portion of each Habitat affiliate's revenues go toward building in countries with less wealth than we enjoy in the United States. This year, Habitat Texas sponsored a build in Costa Rica so we can learn a little more about how those homes are build. Click here to check into going on your Global [...]

Habitat Strong Training: January 7th in Houston

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In just a few weeks, Habitat International's Sustainable Building Specialist, Kevin Gobble, will be hosting a Habitat Strong Training in Houston. January 7th will be a day full of fortified building techniques, disaster preparedness, and new, innovative techniques to build strong homes. There will be an engineering firm represented to help answer specific, building questions. Check [...]

Habitat Texas seeking nominations

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Want to beef up morale at your affiliate? A great way to beef up morale at your affiliate is to nominate staff, volunteers, donors, business supporters and your entire affiliate for an award! It's get lots of brownie points even if the nominee is not selected. So get those nominations in today! I want to [...]

Join us on social media

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We have lots of ways for you to interact with us online. Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Company Page - Where you can find general information and job postings And, if you are on staff at a Habitat affiliate, we have groups set up with your colleagues so you can have discussions, post comments and questions, and network online. [...]


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