Talking Points

COM Executive Task Force Meeting 2.4.2020
Please feel free to share these (verbally or written) with any/all stakeholder groups and/or individuals interested in the work of the Executive Task Force

  1. Executive Task Force members further discussed Habitat 2.0 and were provided an overview of the discussion on Habitat 2.0 with U.S. Council during the January meeting.  
  • Habitat 2.0 explores how funds raised could be used to enhance Habitat for Humanity’s ministry and is addressing three challenges: 
    • Create a fundraising environment that significantly increases potential to raise more dollars, reduces donor confusion and minimizes fundraising competition and tension between affiliates and HFHI
    • Under a more collaborative operating model—where some/all funds raised by HFHI are distributed to Affiliates–HFHI must have a way to fund operating expenses
    • The global ministry—primarily funded by US donors and Affiliates—requires a strong and sustainable funding source
  • Habitat 2.0 is working to create a more sustainable model that in the future will:
    • Increase the potential to raise more dollars, both for affiliates and HFHI, by reducing donor confusion and becoming more efficient and relevant to the public
    • Decrease fundraising competition and tension between affiliates and HFHI 
    • Allow HFHI support and services for U.S. affiliates to continue and grow
    • Increase overall funding for the global ministry
  • With input from the COM advisory groups and U.S. Council, the COM Executive Task Force has developed a proposed model for a Habitat 2.0 investment fee. Over the next year, the Executive Task Force will socialize the work to date on Habitat 2.0 and gather input on the proposed model and its process from the affiliate network.  
  • During the Habitat 2.0 socialization period, it will be important for the entire affiliate network to get involved in the process, provide feedback and voice concerns. Affiliates should stay up to date on the work of Habitat 2.0 and future feedback opportunities through the COM email updates. Affiliates can sign up to receive the COM emails by emailing or registering on MyHabitat.
  1. One opportunity to provide feedback on the Habitat 2.0 model will be at the 2020 Executive Retreat and Summit May 13 -15 in Savannah, GA. Affiliate leaders are encouraged to attend. 
  1. Executive Task Force members reviewed and provided input on the presentation for February Advisory groups on Habitat 2.0. 

Executive Task Force members were also encouraged to invite colleagues to apply to join U.S. Council or a U.S. Council committee for the upcoming term. The application and nomination period is now open through March 12.