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New Executive Directors

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What Will You Learn?

  • Review the Habitat for Humanity network.
  • Learn about being an affiliate.
  • Discover sources of funding.
  • Gain insight from current Executive Directors.

Course Content

History of Habitat for Humanity

  • Overview
  • Clarence Jordan
  • Millard and Linda Fuller
  • Habitat Myths

The Network

Your Affiliate


Legal Matters to Consider

Habitat as a Ministry

Tour of the Library
This section includes a tour of HFHI’s Disaster Risk Reduction and Response Department pages on MyHabitat.org, guided by Bud Lacy.

Student Ratings & Reviews

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Will Goodner
3 months ago
Thank you for the information.
Janet Monkres
10 months ago
2 years ago
When I started my role as a new ED in March, I found myself trying to keep staff morale high (while trying to keep them safe and mitigate exposure to the coronavirus), quickly adjust our business model to incorporate a natural segue into the virtual world of e-commerce and find creative new approaches on how to continue to manage, engage and leverage corporate and individual supporters to help continue our mission. During my \"on-boarding\" I signed up for the Lone Star Academy courses and they were my savior! After the first course that I completed -- it not only helped me have a deeper understanding of the organization but it made me have a clearer picture of the community we are here to serve. After completing a few courses, it was very obvious that great deal of thought and time went into the development of the Lone Star Academy curriculum and it that has been a tremendous help not only to me but to some of new board members. Amy, I hope that you and your team will continue to provide and expand the Lone Star Acedemy that may include issues specifically on how to work within this pandemic environment in Texas, what requirements should we have in place when an employee is trying to return to work after testing positive or if a partner family trying to complete their sweat equity test positive for COVID-19 but refuses to provide \"a medical professional return to work notification\"? Collectively, this pandemic has made us realize that we don\'t have a playbook or guidebook on how to manage or operate in these conditions but at the end of the day we have a mission to accomplish. I applaud you and your staff as you continue to find the SMEs that can help answer these random questions we through at you -- at least for me, y\'all have been a God-send. Keep doing what you\'re doing and thank you for always being my rock! The Rio Grande Habitat for Humanity staff, ReStore staff and our communities are extremely greateful for all that you do! May God continue to bless you and yours. --Marissa


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