Active Shooter Preparedness Training- May 21

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About Course

It seems like we cannot turn on the television, read the newspaper or go online without hearing about another tragic mass shooting. With a majority of active shooter events occurring in the workplace, safety professionals are looking for guidance in helping their organizations plan for, respond to, and recover from them. Join Jim Greaves from Catto and Catto as he leads participants through this active shooter preparedness training. Remember prior planning and simple actions can have a significant impact on all involved in the event of an active shooter situation.

What Will I Learn?

  • Define and discuss violent incidents.
  • Review statistical information and facts of past active shooter events.
  • Learn about overcoming roadblocks.
  • Dissect an active shooter event, sequencing and timing.
  • Interrupt the shooters OODA Loop.
  • View barricading demos.
  • Determine which scenario works best for which type of active shooter event.

Topics for this course

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Live Course Information?

This training will occur live on Friday, May 21st from 1-3 pm CST.
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  • This training will occur live on Friday, May 21st from 1-3 pm CST.

Target Audience

  • Executive Directors
  • ReStore Staff
  • All Employees
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