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Download Sample Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan For Texas Affiliates.  This is based on Habitat International’s Plan with slight modifications.

Visit state resources that help you prepare your affiliate, staff, volunteers, and homebuyers.  http://www.texasprepares.org/

We post lots of news and resources about disasters on our site. Click here to search for disaster resources.

Disaster Services

Texas is prone to disasters: tornadoes, hurricanes, ice storms and blizzards, drought, fire and floods. These as well as man-made disasters can also hurt the staff and volunteers of affiliates and our partner families.

The time to prepare for disasters is BEFORE they happen. Habitat Texas’ primary focus is on preparedness of affiliates – helping affiliates write disaster plans and keeping the plans on file.

Long-term Recovery

Habitat for Humanity is active in long-term recovery. Other agencies offer immediate support in the hours after a disaster. Habitat is on the ground for weeks and months afterward. Habitat Texas serves as the state-level contact to interface with relief agencies and to assist affiliates in developing disaster response programs.

We also coordinate the Texas affiliate response with the affected affiliate.

We’ve seen regionally that disaster can affect entire communities as well as individuals, so visit Texas Prepares to begin your personal disaster preparedness plan.

Member of Texas Volunteers Active in Disasters (TxVOAD).

Resources Available to Member Affiliates

Habitat Texas owns a disaster response tool van available for use by member affiliates actively involved in recovery efforts. Donated to Habitat for Humanity by Nissan, the van comes equipped with many of the tools you will need.

AmeriCorps VISTA members may be available to help you respond.

All affiliates should have a plan in place to respond in the event of a disaster with consideration to the following:

  • Are affiliate operations affected?
  • Is the ReStore affected?
  • Are staff personally affected?
  • Are homeowners affected?
  • How is the community affected?