Digital Marketing with CommunityBoost

Zoom Live Course

What is digital marketing, and why does it matter for your affiliate and ReStore? Join CommunityBoost, a digital marketing agency that specifically helps nonprofits accelerate and scale online revenue and impact, as they dive into Google Ad Grants, Facebook Marketing, Case Studies, and more! Learn how to implement digital marketing at your Habitat in an effective way.

TDHCA Fair Housing Overview Live Training

Zoom Live Course

April is Fair Housing Month, which commemorates the civil rights principle that everyone deserves the opportunity to choose a home and neighborhood free from discrimination. In honor of Fair Housing Month, Habitat Texas is partnering with the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs to out on a special one-hour live webinar and discussion about fair housing best practices and common issues. To register for the event, sign up here:

Price Points for ReStores: A Panel Discussion

Zoom Live Course

A price point is the retail price that allows you to keep a relatively high demand for a product. Join Habitat ReStore leaders as they share from their experiences and current operations through the lens of effective price points. Have the opportunity to ask questions and get real time feedback. Panelists include: Pam Hammer (Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity San Angelo), Sarah Arredondo (Habitat Home Center Marketing Associate, Habitat for Humanity of San Antonio​), and Randee Farquhar (ReStore Manager, Habitat for Humanity Denton County).

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