Family Highlight- May 2018

This month, Habitat Texas is blessed to highlight the dedication and compassion of Laurie Mealy, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity of Grayson County.

In May 1989, Laurie Mealy read an article about Millard Fuller in Time Magazine. She was inspired by Millard’s life and Habitat’s mission- she saved the article and still has it today! Three months later, Laurie and her husband moved to Sherman and joined Grand Ave. Presbyterian Church. Almost immediately, the church announced meetings to establish a Habitat affiliate in their county. Laurie states “It was God’s voice to her ear!”. Laurie was a founding board member and has been a part of Habitat for Humanity of Grayson County ever since.

Ten years ago, Grayson Habitat formed a committee to explore opening a ReStore. They began holding periodic sales of materials in their warehouse, but couldn’t gain traction for opening a real store in a decent location. As new board members rotated in, they tried again several times. Last summer on the first day of the Lone Star Summit, Grayson County experienced a downpour that filled their warehouse with 13 inches of water, followed by another flood a few days later. After working with the connections they made at the Summit to get the warehouse cleaned up, they decided it was time for a permanent solution! Since then, Grayson Habitat has leased and rehabbed a building, hired an excellent manager, and made plans to host a Grand Opening for their ReStore this summer on July 5-7. They are very excited, so if you’re in the area, stop by!

Laurie continues to be enriched by her work with Habitat for Humanity as it meets a huge need in the lives and well-being of Grayson Habitat’s partner families and in the development and improvement of their communities. There are so many things to like about Habitat: the connections and friendships among affiliates and local non-profit organizations; the Habitat volunteers and board members; the applicants and family partners; the donors and community members who want Habitat’s mission to succeed. Laurie reflects, “It is such a pleasure to celebrate house dedications, and then watch families change and grow.”

Thank you Laurie Mealy for your absolute selflessness in working to make Grayson County Habitat the best it can be and being a great asset as a board member to Habitat Texas!

Fun Facts! Laurie is working to improve both her pickleball game and her backyard flower garden.