We’re Here To Help Your Affiliate Blast Off!

Diversified funding is key to a successful fundraising strategy.

That means foundations, government, private giving, and program income like mortgages.

Foundation funding is an important piece of funding strategies; however, it is rarely the “easy money” many people suppose it to be. It takes skill, dedication, and luck to develop successful grantwriting strategies. Habitat Texas can help.

Affiliate Grant Opportunities

Government funding includes local, state, and federal opportunities and quasi-governmental entities like Federal Home Loan Bank. Texas affiliates use a variety of government funding including TDHCA’s Texas Bootstrap Loan Program, Amy Young Barrier Removal Program, the USDA, HUD’s HOME, SHOP and Capacity Building Funding.  If you want to pick our brain about what funding you may be eligible for, give Habitat Texas a call. 

Texas Bootstrap Loan Program

USDA Home Loans

Habitat Texas offers affiliates a Text-to-Donate program that is a great tool for donations at meetings, job sites, social media and other advertising. It is inexpensive and secure! Learn more by clicking here.

Current Funding Opportunities

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