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Habitat for Humanity builds homes, communities, and hope, but we cannot do our work without financial support and volunteers. Together we can create decent, affordable housing for millions of our Texas families. We have the opportunity to provide education, technical assistance, and resources to empower Texas affiliates while they are on the ground making a difference in their local communities. You can make a difference!

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The Lone Star Summer Series is a two-month series of learning and networking opportunities (online and local) created exclusively for Habitat for Humanity leaders and volunteers in Texas. The series is designed by Habitat for Humanity Texas to provide safe educational opportunities and business continuity during the pandemic. The series will begin with a live, online kick-off, followed by two months of online learning, culminating in in-person, regional events, as allowable.

The Lone Star Summer Series will kick off June 15, 2020, and include in-depth learning from experts on resource development, risk management, budgeting and planning, volunteer management, and more. Participants may register for one course, multiple courses, or for the whole series. Goodie bags will be mailed to every participant who registers for the whole series.

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Receive statewide exposure while aligning yourself with a powerful brand for change.

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Your support may entitle you to website recognition and link to your business, limited use of the Habitat Texas name, newsletter promotion, feature article and more.

Contact us to find out more about the benefits of becoming a supporter.

If you want your donation to have a statewide reach, consider donations of services such as advertising, professional development, and legal assistance. Want your product to be showcased in Habitat homes across the state? Habitat Texas will work with you to include your new donated building materials in all Habitat homes. For more information contact us.

Texas has 72 affiliates in communities across the state, providing opportunities to donate in your community.

Find the affiliate or the ReStore near you to volunteer, give locally or become a homeowner.