Habitat Highlight- February 2018

This month Habitat Texas is proud to highlight the work of Habitat for Humanity of Jefferson County.

In August 2017, Habitat for Humanity of Jefferson County was 1 of 17 local Habitats that were affected by Hurricane Harvey. Before Harvey’s impact, Habitat Jefferson County had a staff of 6 and planned to build two new homes and rehab about 18. After the storm’s impact, Habitat Jefferson County knew they needed to increase their efforts, some communities in their service area had lost nearly all their housing. Now, they have 29 building projects in progress with an additional 19 projects that have been identified, funded and are ready to begin, and they are working on adding an additional 48 projects this year!

Recently, Habitat for Humanity of Jefferson County partnered with the City of Beaumont to assist with their Housing Rehab Repair Program. The partnership allows Habitat Jefferson County to serve more families without increasing their administration and overhead expenses, while the City can devote more funding to repairs because they don’t need more staff or training to handle new duties. Rebuilding Beaumont Together will be a pilot public/private partnership, which will be designed as a template to be emulated in surrounding cities!

Habitat for Humanity of Jefferson County is involved in a slew of Habitat programs including new builds, rehabilitated houses, and three-tiered repairs program: ABWK/Ramps & Rollers, wheelchair ramps, and exterior painting. Their Home after Harvey program focuses on major damage caused by the storm. They are also a Veteran Build Habitat offering everything from accessibility modification to major or minor repairs to new home purchases for Veterans in the community.

Habitat for Humanity of Jefferson County has consistently submitted their application to become a HUD certified Community Housing Development provider, allowing them to access additional funding to build or rehab affordable housing. They are also working on a needs assessment in order to structure their proposal for their (Community Housing Development Organization) CHDO strategic plan for 2018-2019 to expand their homebuyer and repair program.

Habitat Jefferson County considers itself to be blessed with a wonderful database of active and dedicated volunteer groups such as: Entergy Texas, Rotary Club of Beaumont, The Golden Triangle Chapter of the Links, Inc., Tegna, Lamar University and a host of local churches and other community groups. The RV Care-a-Vanners and Collegiate Challenge teams have been especially supportive this year, as have volunteer groups from other affiliates.

Thank you Habitat for Humanity of Jefferson County for your commitment to lead recovery work in your community.

Fun Fact! Habitat Jefferson County is united by the fact that all of their staff and/or immediate family members have a record of military service.