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Hurricane Harvey

In August 2017 Hurricane Harvey, a Category 4 major hurricane, made landfall as the strongest hurricane to impact Texas since 1961, with winds of more than 130 mph and 50 inches of rain accumulating in 39 Texas counties. In January 2018, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported that Hurricane Harvey was the most expensive of the 2017 hurricanes.


How Habitat Texas is Helping

After a disaster strikes, there are three stages after the disaster until a community becomes whole again: Response, then Relief, then Recovery. Response is the immediate efforts to save lives like our first responders. Relief happens immediately after a disaster. That’s when you see emergency relief in the form of shelters. You see lots of news organizations that cover the disaster on the nightly news, too. It is said that relief takes 20% of the time and gets 80% of the donations, while recovery takes 80% of the time and receives 20% of the funding. That’s a stark reality!

Hurricane Harvey struck Texas as a category four storm. It directly affected 53 counties up to three-hours drive time away from the ocean.

Habitat for Humanity Texas engages in long-term disaster services through the following:

  • Technical assistance for affiliates in repair, mortgage payments, long-term recovery and more
  • Coordination of donations to serve multiple Habitat offices
  • Help with companies that want to donate construction and recovery supplies for multiple offices
  • Assist Habitat offices secure government funding sources

Habitat engages in long-term recovery, so we will be on the ground for months and years after a disaster strikes, long after shelters close and the media heads out. Please consider a monetary donation that gives the most flexibility in responding with the goods and services Habitat offices need the most. A recurring gift is wonderful and allows your giving to keep growing from emergency relief all the way to recovery.

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