When: October 13, 2015, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Where: Texas State Capitol Building, 1100 Congress Avenue, Austin, TX 78701

Register here. It’s free to attend. Scholarships may be available for travel costs.

When building community, sector and societal impact, as described in the Strategic Plan, Habitat for Humanity is committed to put God’s love into action by building with a community, not merely for it. We are a Christian ministry and are committed to reach our 50th anniversary (2026) and beyond as a “vibrant, effective, global Christian organization.” Our Christian roots from the founding of Habitat have led us to be all- inclusive. Especially at this juncture in history, we realize how other religious faiths have a common call to care about the poor, and understand the importance of safe decent housing and communities as a central issue toward that end. Thus, Habitat has made commitment “to be a global leader toward religious faiths working together toward ending poverty in the world.”

To this end, Habitat is encouraging all US affiliates to consider the values of interfaith Habitat activities and to consider establishing an affiliate interfaith council toward such ends. The goal of establishing on-going interfaith work within affiliates is to increase capacity and awareness of Habitat’s work within all communities. We believe our interfaith organizing efforts will become self-sustaining as a result of increased funds raised through the collaborative efforts of the different faiths and will directly lead to more families being served through building low-income housing.

The interfaith initiative will also encourage positive interactions between community members of different religions. It offers faithful Christians the opportunity to extend a hand to their neighbors of other faiths, inviting them to work with us to rid the world of poverty housing. These interactions will develop trust, reduce suspicion, inspire hope, and ensure that interfaith efforts continue. By modeling respect for others’ beliefs while holding to its own, Habitat has the opportunity to lead people into respectful and cooperative—rather than fearful and conflictual—relationships with one another. No faith is asked to compromise any of its basic beliefs.

You are invited to participate in a Habitat affiliate Interfaith Networking meeting to discuss and learn from affiliates that are, or want to be, involved in interfaith work in their communities.

We are pleased to announce our final panelists: Dr. Rev. Célestin Musekura, President and CEO of African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministries, Dr. Whit Bodman, President of Texas Impact and a board member for Texas Interfaith Center for Public Policy, Dr. Güner Arslan, co-founder of the Institute for Interfaith Dialogue and board member at the Interfaith Action of Central Texas, and Rabbi Neil Blumofe, President Elect of the Interfaith Action of Central Texas.

In addition, Brenda Shuttlesworth, Executive Director of Waco Habitat for Humanity, will be sharing her experience with interfaith work. Jonathan Good, Director of Global Faith Engagement, and Tommy Prince, Manager in Learning and Organizational Development, will be representing Habitat for Humanity International.

Look forward to discussion, interaction, and goal-setting all revolved around engaging in various faith communities. Registration is free and limited scholarships are available for travel costs.

For additional information, please email Austen Zoutewelle at austen@habitattexas.org

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