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The 2020 Lone Star Summer Series

The Lone Star Summer Series is a learning and gathering opportunity for Habitat for Humanity affiliates to gain knowledge, community, and experience over two months. The series includes 8-weeks of courses with certification, like the Certificate in Grant Writing, and one-time webinars in all Habitat’s job areas, including construction, finance, homebuyer services, fundraising, and community engagement. Your Habitat affiliate can sign up for the whole series or purchase individual classes. To make things fun, your Habitat affiliate can participate as a team and the teams that complete the most courses will get recognized when we conclude in August.

The course catalog contains over 40 offerings, covering these Habitat related topics: Construction, Finance, Fundraising, Home-buyer Services and Volunteers. In addition to these topics, there are 3 Learning Intensives in Grant Writing, Construction Project Management and Exceptional Boards.

This Summer Series concludes on August 13th at noon with our Keynote Speaker, Jeremi Suri. Registration is free, but you are required to sign up ahead of time.

Payment/Registration Options Available:

Enterprise Level: One price for your entire affiliate, ALL board members, staff and volunteers to participate in any course (Learning Intensives excluded) $2500. Includes FREE access to the Exceptional Board Series Learning Intensive. Upon registration for this Level you will receive an email with instructions for your individual people to sign up.

Professional Level: One price for one person up to eight classes. $450. Please, no swapping registrants. Includes FREE access to the Exceptional Board Series Learning Intensive. Upon registration for this Level you will receive an email with instructions on how to select your courses.

Single Classes: Each class is $75.

Learning Intensives: (priced individually)

  • Certificate of Grant Writing $500 – a 36-hour certification – classes held on 6 separate days.
  • Construction Project Management Course $175 – an 6-hour course – classes held on 3 separate days for 2 hour sessions.
  • Exceptional Board Member Series – $250 – a ten part course in bite-sized chunks – Classes will be released weekly and will be from 10-15 minutes.

Book Clubs: $15-$30 and includes the book

Who? Affiliate Board Members, Staff and Volunteers

What? The Lone Star Summer Series

When? June 15th to August 13th

Where? Online classes

How? We will walk you through it, but you’ll need a computer, and it helps to have a webcam (but webcams aren’t necessary)

Note: If you are interested in a class and cannot attend, please register and you will have access to the recording until December 31st.

Sponsorship opportunities are cool and available!

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Natosha Reid Rice, Opening Session Speaker


The Enterprise subscription covers your entire affiliate – all volunteers, board and staff can take unlimited courses – for $2500. For one person to attend up to eight sessions, the price is $450. Single class purchase is $75/class. By comparison, the average cost for the Lone Star Summit, not including travel, is $700 per person.

The Learning Intensives, just like the Summit, are an add-on bonus, and the prices vary by the series.

The Book Club also varies, based on the price of the book, and ranges from $15 to $25.

We have some really great ways for sponsors to connect with our Lone Star Summer Series attendees. Please consider the best level for you to join us. Click here to download the package benefits.

Most of our classes during the Summer Series will be live and online. That means, when you register for a class, we will give you a day and time the class will be held, and the presenter will present the class at that time. Try to make it to class then, so you can participate, but if you can’t, go ahead and sign up and we will send you the recording (you just won’t be able to ask questions).

Some classes will be prerecorded. If it’s prerecorded, we will still make sure you have a chance to watch the class and ask questions. Your participation is key to making this fun!

When you sign up for the class, we will make sure you know if it’s a live, online class or a recorded class.

Lastly, we are planning to get us all together at the end of the summer, depending on current COVID-19 rules. Anyone who signs up at the Enterprise or Professional Level will be able to attend.

It depends. With the Lone Star Summer Series, we will have some webinars with a live person doing a presentation and some will be pre-recorded. Either way, you will still have the chance to ask the presenter questions and get answers. At the end of the Summer Series, we will provide recordings of the calls so you can  review anything you forgot.

We are very happy to walk you through the system before the sessions begin, so you are comfortable accessing the online portal. Just ask!

Well, we recognize that getting together in person is the best way to build relationships and strengthen community, but we also know this may not be the best time for that. Even if we are allowed to meet, and that isn’t certain, many people and sponsors are expressing reservations about getting together.

But, people still need the opportunity to learn and network, so we worked hard to design a system for that.

  1. We are moving all the classes online so you can attend from the safety of your own home.
  2. In August, we hope to have a clearer idea about what is happening with COVID-19, but we are planning for small groups to meet in-person around the state. That way, we keep the number of people meeting to below the maximum thresholds of what the CDC is saying.

We understand this is an investment and are actively seeking scholarships for you. If you can donate to help another affiliate, please call us.

After registering for a course, make sure you are logged in to your account and then click on the course you want to complete. Once on the course homepage, select the green “Start Lesson” button, which will take you to the content portion of the course. If you are participating in a live webinar, you will find the Zoom login information and a section for course feedback. If the webinar has already occurred or you are taking a pre-recorded course, then you will see the list of lessons, in addition to course feedback. Click HERE to watch a short tutorial on how to take each lesson, how to complete the course, and then how to get a certificate at the end. If you participated in the live webinar, begin watching the video at 1:50 to learn how to take the course feedback survey and finish the course. (You do not need to rewatch all the lesson videos once they are processed and uploaded if you attended the Zoom call.) It is important to also note that the percentage bar that displays your progress does not need to read 100% for you to complete a course (quizzes and feedback take longer to process). These steps are the same for each of the courses that are part of the Lone Star Summer Series.

Adrienne Goolsby, Keynote Speaker

Learning Intensives

These courses offer a deep dive into pertinent topics with certificates offered upon completion.

Get Certified in these Learning Intensives

  • Certificate of Grant Writing
  • Advanced Topics in Leadership
  • Project Management in Construction – an 8-hour learning intensive
  • Exceptional Boards – Learning Modules in bite-size chunks

Click here to view our Learning Intensives.

Find the Right Classes For You

All volunteers and staff can take each and every course for one low rate at the Enterprise Level, or individuals can pick up to eight, discounted courses.

Find the Right Classes For You

The Lone Star Summer Series includes 50 classes in seven tracks:

  • Construction
  • Homebuyer Services
  • Finance
  • ReStore
  • Fundraising
  • Volunteer and Community Outreach
  • Leadership

Click here for the online catalog of classes.

Book Clubs

What is summer without a good book (or two) to read? Sign up and we will mail you the book.

Book Clubs

Everyone needs a summer reading list. After all, Leaders are Readers! Sign up for a session with Allison Hay or Andy York, and we will send you the book. Class size is limited!

Click here to sign up for the Book Clubs

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View the Entire Catalog of Courses
Chief Executive and Board Courses
Fundraising Courses
Homeowner Services and Finance Courses
ReStore Courses
Construction Courses
Community Engagement and Volunteer Courses


Individual Leaderboard

# Avatar Name Badges
1 Nancie Stephens-Gonzales 1,811
2 Madeline Zwicke 1,701
3 Lisa Kainer 1,601
4 Pamela Wilson 1,301
5 Bird 1,101
6 Mario Trevino 901
7 Javan Chandler 801
8 Sorna Khakzad 801
9 LaJuan Gordon 735
10 Matt Murphy 701

Affiliate Leaderboard

Get ready for your logo or group picture to go here when your affiliate’s staff and volunteers complete the most courses.