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Many Thanks to Our Board.

Board Members Give Time, Talent and Treasure to help us make see everyone has a safe, decent place to live. For any nonprofit organization, board members should meet basic legal obligations including Duty of Care, Duty of Loyalty and Duty of Obedience, but great board members do even more, offering servant leadership to their organization and community. Habitat Texas is blessed with such leaders from Habitat affiliates and community members.
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2017-2018 Board of Directors

Jack Wilson
Jack WilsonPresident
Architect, roofer, sea-plane pilot and golfer, Jack Wilson’s first love is Habitat of Smith County and Patricia, his wife, not in that order. Under his leadership, the Smith County affiliate rose to one of the most robust repair programs in the nation. He brings diverse experience to his position as Habitat Texas Board President. After all, Habitat affiliates are, at once, a construction company, retail store, lending institution, and social service nonprofit.
Brenda Shuttlesworth
Brenda ShuttlesworthAffiliate Member
With Habitat’s mission combining nonprofit excellence with faith relations, Brenda Shuttlesworth’s background as a licensed Baptist minister and executive director of Waco helps shape Habitat Texas’ outreach to regional and statewide faith organizations. By also teaching at Baylor University– home to the very first Habitat college chapter in the nation, Brenda is able to bring a variety of perspectives to her seat on the board.
David Bills
David BillsVP-Governance
What starts in Texas, ends in Texas. David Bills started his career, drafting legislation for the Texas Legislative Research Council before he traveled the world as an attorney oil and gas. He returned home to Texas in 2014 to run a short-term home rental business and volunteer for Habitat Texas. He is our expert on the Housing Trust Fund and government code review.
Beaman Floyd
Beaman FloydVP-Strategy & Alliance
If he isn’t paddle-boarding in Lake Travis, Beaman Floyd may be found in the halls of the state capitol building working with legislative clients to address the needs of Texans or volunteer building in Guatemala. This, along with his advanced studies at the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, guides Beaman’s work as Habitat Texas’ Vice President of Strategy and Relations on the board of directors.
Doug Foster
Doug FosterVP-Finance & Audit
In addition to serving on the SouthStar Bank SSB board of directors since January 2015 Doug Foster is also the Director of Regulatory Affairs at Polunsky Beitel Green, LLP beginning in September 2014. Mr. Foster, most recently, was the Commissioner of the Texas Department of Savings and Mortgage Lending. During his tenure as Commissioner Doug also served as Chairman or Vice Chairman on three national regulatory boards including ACSSS, SRR and the SLC of the FFIEC. He graduate from the University of Texas at Austin and has spent two summers in Israel doing biblical archaeology.
Laurie Mealy
Laurie MealyVP-Affiliate Affairs
Laurie Mealy’s deep and long-time connections as executive director of Habitat for Humanity of Grayson County gives a voice to the smaller affiliates serving Texans. With a background in social work working with victims of child abuse, Laurie understand the role affordable housing plays in stable families and neighborhoods.
Ann Bishop
Ann BishopCommunity Member
Complementing Habitat Texas’ advocacy work is Ann Bishop’s expertise in operations of state agencies and the legislature. Her leadership as head of the multibillion-dollar Employee Retirement System of Texas along with cutting edge technology implementation, legal compliance and fiduciary system accountability helps Habitat with the complex analysis of housing needs and the impact it has on communities.
Steven Leggett
Steven LeggettAffiliate Director
Before Steven Leggett became the executive director of Abilene’s Habitat for Humanity, he was a marketing and development expert in university and energy settings. Bringing knowledge and skills in communications to Habitat Texas, Steven is focusing on developing partnerships with faith groups at the regional level to the board.
Jenny LaCoste-Caputo
Jenny LaCoste-CaputoCommunity Member
As sunny as her native Florida, Jenny LaCoste-Caputo was a broadcast and print journalist in San Antonio before heading up to work in the public relations department of the University of Texas Chancellor’s Office where all spare time was spent completing a Master’s in Public Leadership from the LBJ School of Public Affairs. Her expertise will guide Habitat Texas in raising awareness of affordable housing in media and the legislature.
Klaudia Flanagin
Klaudia FlanaginCommunity Member
Klaudia Flanagin has 32 year of experience in advertising including media, account service, research, and strategic planning, and she has worked with some on the top agencies in the country. She is also the founder and owner of Grok It Strategies, a research and strategy company
Matthew Dowd
Matthew DowdCommunity Member
Matthew Dowd is the coauthor of Applebee’s America and chief analyst for ABC News. He is the founder of four companies and ListenTo.Us, a community of independent-minded folks interested in community leadership. He was born in Detroit and now lives in central Texas.