Partner Highlight- June 2018

What better way to celebrate National Affordable Housing Month than by highlighting our partnership with Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation (TSAHC)!

TSAHC has partnered with Habitat for Humanity Texas and local Habitat affiliates for many years. They have been a supporter of the Lone Star Summit since 2012 and have also provided grants to nine local affiliates to support critical home repair programs since 2008 and hosted trainings on home buyer and financial education best practices since 2013.

TSAHC was created in 1994 with the vision that every Texan deserves the opportunity to live in safe, decent and affordable housing that promotes a better quality of life. Their mission is to serve the housing needs of low-income and under-served Texans who cannot access acceptable housing options through conventional financial channels. Since TSAHC is statewide in scope, they fulfill their mission in part by supporting the efforts of local nonprofits working every day to improve housing opportunities in their communities. Habitat Texas has been a wonderful partner in helping to spread the word about TSAHC programs to local affiliates.

TSAHC’s partnership with Habitat Texas gives them a platform to promote their grant, training, and other capacity building opportunities to local affiliates. Habitat Texas has also been kind enough to promote job opportunities and other important TSAHC news.

The Lone Star Summit is a wonderful way to stay connected and show support for the work Habitat for Humanity Texas does across the state. TSAHC uses the information they learn in the sessions to benefit their work at TSAHC, particularly in the areas of marketing and development, construction standards and green building.

Many thanks to our wonderful partner in TSAHC for working alongside us and Texas affiliates to make sure that as many Texans as possible receive safe, decent, and affordable housing.

Fun Fact! TSAHC’s entire staff participated in a build day with Austin Habitat in fall 2011. It was a great opportunity to work side by side with Habitat staff and volunteers to build a home in east Austin. One of the volunteers they met that day was Sarah Ellinor, who had recently moved to Austin and previously worked at a Habitat affiliate in North Carolina. Impressed with Sarah’s experience and dedication, TSAHC hired Sarah in 2012 to run training programs for local housing nonprofits. Sarah just celebrated her fifth year at TSAHC, with Habitat to thank for connecting them!