Trinity Habitat for Humanity knows the hard work needed to get churches and faith organizations engaged with their organization. When asked how they do it, they said “it’s a lot of repetitive knocking on doors. It’s all about keeping the people that are engaged coming back and getting new people to come and join us. We have to find out the mission needs and figure out opportunities that fit those needs.” Trinity Habitat says that they often create engagement opportunities through shared meals, small building projects, and prayer events. They intentionally look for ways to get the organizations involved locally.

Trinity Habitat also values continued connection. During Holy Week, they sent Tiff’s Treats to the four congregations that supported them the most throughout the year. Trinity Habitat included a note which said they were thinking of the pastors during this busy and chaotic time of the year. It’s these personal and thoughtful touches that help to deepen and strengthen relationships between Habitat and the local faith organizations.

All of the hard work that Trinity Habitat for Humanity has done is certainly paying off. They are in the beginning stages of putting together a council of faith leaders in their area. They have met with a couple of the leaders to dream about the council structure and who they should invite. The goal of this council is to find the spark in the churches that will encourage them to be partners in mission with Habitat for Humanity.

We are inspired by the work that Trinity Habitat for Humanity does with their local faith organizations and believe they are setting a great example for us to follow.