What We Do


Working to engage elected officials with affiliates around the state


Habitat for Humanity Texas serves as a statewide advocate for affordable housing policy, coordinating advocacy, education, and outreach to state legislative offices on behalf of affiliates. Our goal is to enact change that will better the state of Texas since there are millions of Texans with a housing need.

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Training & Technical Assistance

Create year-round learning opportunities on best practices


Habitat for Humanity hosts conference calls, webinars, retreats and leadership meetings around the state based on suggestions by affiliates and businesses. Habitat Texas’ annual conference- the Lone Star Summit- is our main source of training featuring designated tracks to assist affiliates in their work.

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Resource Development

Develop more resources for affiliates to build their capacity

Capitalizing on Pooling Resources

Habitat for Humanity Texas pools donations and resources which can be redistributed to benefit multiple affiliates. Affiliates can access Habitat Texas to become a VISTA host site, for help with Mortgage Origination, website services, grant writing support, and more! Foundations, faith partners, and businesses who want to donate across Texas in one simple process can rely on Habitat Texas.

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Disaster Services

Ensure affiliates are prepared and supported for disaster recovery


Habitat for Humanity Texas hosts learning opportunities for affiliates to build with disasters in mind and create disaster preparedness plans. Once a disaster strikes, Habitat Texas is there to assist with coordinating long-term recovery efforts.

See our Disaster Services page for more resources.

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